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SPS Frag Rock Mount - Set of 10

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Revolutionize Your Coral Placement with SPS Frag Rock Mount!

Introducing the SPS Frag Rock Mount - a game-changer in coral placement. Say goodbye to traditional frag plugs and embrace the future with our innovative mounts. Crafted with precision, these mounts are designed to seamlessly blend with your aquatic environment, offering a natural and aesthetically pleasing look.

Why Choose Our SPS Frag Rock Mount?

  • Direct Coral Gluing: Ditch the hassle of frag plugs. Glue your corals directly onto our mounts for a secure and natural look.
  • Versatile Placement: Our rock mounts provide endless possibilities. Whether you want to drill a hole or find a natural crevice, these mounts fit perfectly, ensuring your corals get the spotlight they deserve.
  • 100% Reef Safe: Made with high-quality PETG filament, our mounts are 100% reef safe, ensuring the well-being of your marine life.
  • Patent Pending Design: Our unique design is patent-pending, ensuring you get a product that stands out in the market.


  1. How do you attach frags to rocks? With our SPS Frag Rock Mount, simply glue your corals directly onto the mount and place it on your rock.
  2. What is the difference between SPS and LPS? SPS (Small Polyp Stony) and LPS (Large Polyp Stony) are types of corals. SPS corals have small polyps, while LPS corals have larger polyps.
  3. What does SPS Coral stand for? SPS stands for Small Polyp Stony.
  4. How do you identify SPS corals? SPS corals are identified by their small polyps and dense skeletal structure.