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Red Sea ReefLED 90 LED Light Shade

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Enhance Your Aquarium Lighting with the Red Sea ReefLED 90 LED Light Shade from Printed Reef

Discover the perfect addition to your aquarium setup with the Red Sea ReefLED 90 LED Light Shade, exclusively designed by Printed Reef to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your Red Sea ReefLED 90 LED Light Fixture. Our meticulously crafted light shade is engineered for aquarium enthusiasts who demand the best in both performance and style.

Customizable Fit for Every Tank Our light shade is available in three distinct sizes - Narrow, Wide, and 4 Sides - ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of tank dimensions and lighting needs. Whether you’re looking to focus your light for deeper penetration or diffuse it for a more even spread, we have a solution that meets your requirements.

Effortless Installation with Superior Ventilation Designed with convenience in mind, our light shade features an easy slide-on mechanism that makes installation a breeze. We’ve carefully constructed each shade to allow ample room for the light fixture's heatsink, ensuring full ventilation and optimal performance of your LED lighting system.

Enhanced Lighting Control with Diffuser Compatibility Achieve unparalleled control over your aquarium lighting with our light shade’s compatibility with diffusers. By attaching a diffuser underneath the shade, you can soften the light, reduce glare, and create a more natural-looking environment for your reef inhabitants, promoting healthier coral growth and vibrant colors.

Discover More Innovative Aquarium Solutions At Printed Reef, we’re dedicated to enhancing your aquascaping experience with innovative products designed for the modern aquarist. Explore our collection and discover the Red Sea ReefLED 90 LED Light Fixture Power Supply Holder, a complementary product that offers a seamless integration with your lighting setup. Visit Printed Reef's Product Page to learn more.

Elevate your reef aquarium with the Red Sea ReefLED 90 LED Light Shade and experience the difference in quality and performance. Designed for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts – Printed Reef is your partner in creating the ultimate aquatic environment.

Special Note: Leadtime 1-2 weeks. If you order other items, it may affect the total lead time.