Kessil A360X Light Shade

This shade for the Kessil A360X LED light fixture was designed to offer you the best innovative solution to controlling light in your tank.

What It Does:

  • Eliminates light overspill into the surrounding environment
  • Prevents a blinding experience when looking up at your tank

How it's attached:

  • The mounting ring mounts seamlessly to the Kessil A360 with 2 waterproof magnets
  • The shade will not cover the Kessil A360X venting holes, allowing for proper cooling of the light
  • Allows for an easy swap between different shades, so custom fixtures can easily attach to the mounting ring
  • The provided Kessil 55 degree reflector is NOT compatible with this mounting ring and shades as the light gets too hot
Signal White
Reef Blue

This shade works with:

Product Dimensions: Top x Bottom X Height
Cone: 3¾" × 4¾" × 2 ½"
Wide Cone 3¾" × 7½ x 2 ½"
Cylinder: 3 ¾' × 2 ½"
Tall Cylinder: 3 ¾" × 3" inch
Mounting Ring with Magnets: 3 ½" × ¼" included with every shade

Kessil A360X LED Light is not included*

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