Bristle Worm Trap

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To battle a single bristle worm or a bigger bristle worm infestation, you will need our trap in your aquarium. With our trap, there's nowhere left for a bristle worm to hide.

Simply place our bristleworm trap on top of your saltwater aquarium substrate or sand and weigh it down with rocks, or wedge it between a sturdy structure. It is made from plastic so it will float away in the current! Put a small amount of meaty food inside it to draw the attention of the hungry guys infesting your saltwater tank. This draws them away from the decaying matter, dead fish, and other detritus they normally feast on. Then, leave it in your tank overnight or for a few days to catch as many as possible.

How do our bristle worm traps work?

The bristleworms which are living in your aquarium will never turn down a feed when it's offered to them. Simply put a meaty treat into the center of our bristle worm trap and the bristle worms will swim directly into it through the evenly spaced holes on the outside.

You can attract bristle worms into the trap with a variety of different types of food like raw shrimp meat or frozen fish food. Also, algae wavers work very well! They won't be able to resist.

Our bristle worm trap features a plexiglass window on the top so you can see just what it's caught.

That means no more stuffing bait inside a small piece of live rock rubble and leaving it overnight to catch these critters. No more sitting in a darkened room with a flashlight waiting patiently to wait for a bristleworm to crawl out of the sand which you then pounce at with your tweezers.

Please be assured that each bristleworm trap is made with 100% reef safe PETG high-quality filament. PETG is safe for food containers and tools used for food consumption. Our traps are available in black, white, or orange colors.

Measurements: L: 4.4" W: 2.3" H: 1.4"



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