Coral Placement Starter Pack

This must have starter pack includes our Printed Reef essentials for coral placement in your tank. This pack comes with 3 of our Frag Plug Sand Stands, Rock Holders, and SPS mounts. Each of these provides you with an innovative solution for securing your corals in your tank.

Sand Stands x 3pc:

Our sand stands offer secure placement for your coral frag plugs anywhere on your sand bed. Simply insert the frag plug into the stand, and twist it into the sand bed. It’s that simple!

These will also protect your corals from being knocked down by your cleaning crew or fish, and ultimately prevent corals from being lost in your tank.

Designed with a cut out on the opening, allowing the sand stand to flex,  ensuring a secure fit for your frag plugs.

Standard Dimensions: W: 1.7" H: 1.3" Opening: 0.4"

Rock Holders x 3pc:

Mounting frags to your rock work has never been easier with these rock holders!

Many people have trouble finding the right place on the rocks and worry if their corals will fall out. These rock holders allow for flexible placement anywhere on your rock work. Simply slide your frag plug into the opening, and insert the holder into your rock work. These also allow you to change the placement of your corals whenever you please.

Standard Dimensions: H: 1.6" Opening: 0.4" - 0.5”, stem is 5/32” (4mm) in diameter 

SPS Mounts x 3pc:

Ditch frag plugs entirely by gluing your corals directly onto our SPS frag mounts! These rock mounts offer endless possibilities for placement on your rocks. Simply find or drill a hole and insert your mount directly into your rock. It's that simple!

*Sizing for the opening of Sand Stands and Rock Holders


All items are made with a 100% reef safe PETG high-quality filament.

Patents Pending


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