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Coral Frag Plug Stands - Set of 5

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Introducing our Coral Frag Plug Stands - the ultimate solution for every reef enthusiast. These stands, meticulously 3D printed, are designed to offer a secure placement for your coral frag plugs, especially on your sand bed. No more worries about your precious corals being knocked over by an enthusiastic cleaning crew or a curious fish.

Why Choose Our Coral Frag Plug Stands?

  • Sturdy Placement: Simply insert the frag plug into the stand and twist it into the sand bed. It's that straightforward!
  • Protection: Our stands ensure your corals remain upright, preventing them from getting lost in the vastness of your tank.
  • Flexibility: Designed with a unique cut-out on the opening, our stands flex to ensure a snug fit for your frag plugs.
  • Quality: Each plug stand is crafted with 100% reef-safe PETG high-quality filament, ensuring longevity and safety for your marine life.
  • Standard Dimensions: W: 1.7" H: 1.3" Opening: 0.4"


  1. How do you attach coral plugs to live rock? - Our stands are designed for sand bed placement, ensuring your corals remain secure without the need for live rock.
  2. Will coral grow off of frag plug? - Yes, with proper care and placement, corals can grow and thrive off of frag plugs.
  3. Why use a coral frag rack? - Frag racks provide a dedicated space for growing and displaying corals, especially in larger tanks.
  4. Should I remove coral plug? - It depends on your setup and the coral's growth. Always ensure the coral's health is prioritized.