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FragLoc™ - Magnetic Coral Frag Rack Kit

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Enhance your reef tank setup with our versatile FragLoc™ - Magnetic Coral Frag Rack with Secure Frag Plug Design, designed to meet the needs of every coral enthusiast. Available in five sizes (Single, Triple, Quintuple, 5x4, and 9x8), this frag rack is perfect for holding up to 17 coral frag plugs. Choose from five vibrant color variations: Black, Clear, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Green, and Fluorescent Rose to match your tank's aesthetics.

Our unique magnet kit, included with the first four sizes, features two N52 waterproof/sealed magnets (one wet side and one dry side) that securely hold your frag rack on up to 3/4" glass. The wet side magnet offers two slots: one for a level/flat placement and another for a 30-degree angle, ensuring optimal light exposure for your corals. The dry side magnet, adorned with the Printed Reef logo and felt lining, prevents any glass scratching.

What sets FragLoc™ apart is the innovative rubber-like material integrated into each frag plug hole. This design accommodates flexible frag plug stem sizes (up to 0.5" width) and ensures your frags stay securely in place, even against snail disturbances. Simply twist the frag plug to remove it from the rack. Fully reef-safe and compatible with mixed sizes (except for the 9x8, which requires two magnet kits), our FragLoc™ Coral Frag Rack offers unmatched flexibility and security for your coral frags.


SINGLE: 0.8" L X 1.2" D

TRIPLE: 3" L X 1.2" D

QUADRUPLE: 5.2" L X 1.2" D

5x4: 9.6" L X 2.2" D

9x8: 9.6" L X 2.2" D