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Coral Feeder Cage

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Introducing the Coral Feeder Cage, a game-changer for every reef enthusiast. Dive into the world of corals with our advanced feeding solution that ensures your corals get the nutrition they need without any interference.

Why Choose Our Coral Feeder Cage?

  • Targeted Feeding: With multiple openings, our cage allows for precise feeding, ensuring that every bit of food reaches your corals.
  • Protection from Unwanted Guests: Say goodbye to the days of fish and shrimp stealing your coral's food. Our cage is designed to keep them out while letting your corals feast in peace.
  • Sizes for Every Tank: Whether you have a small or large tank, we've got you covered. Choose from our 2.5-inch diameter (2.3-inch height) or the bigger 4-inch diameter (3.5-inch height) cage.
  • Stunning Colors: Match your tank's aesthetics with our range of colors - Black, Reef Blue, and Clear.


  1. How do you feed coral in an aquarium? - Using the Coral Feeder Cage, place the food inside and position it near your corals. The design ensures targeted feeding without any waste.
  2. How do you use a coral feeder? - Simply open the cage, place the food inside, and immerse it in the tank. Its strategic openings ensure the food reaches the corals while keeping unwanted guests out.
  3. What corals need feeding? - While all corals benefit from targeted feeding, stony corals, trachyphyllia, and polyp colonies particularly thrive with regular feeding.
  4. How often do you feed coral reef roids? - It's recommended to feed coral reef roids once a week, but always follow the specific guidelines for your type of coral.

Price: Starting from just $14.99, dive into the world of corals with a solution that offers huge values for your money.